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Service before self

Headmistress Message

All of us do not have equal talents but each one of us have equal opportunities to develop our talents", said our Ex-President Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam.
I personally resonate this view and realize that each of my student is unique and singular in his/her capacity. The school does all that it can do to provide equal opportunities to hone their talent. We take care to instill in our students the right attitude to develop self-discipline, aesthetic values and respect for oneself and all around.
     'Habit laid in the cradles dies only in the graveyard' is a well-known proverb. Primary education, is therefore, very crucial in laying the right foundation in a child's life. Care and concern must be taken to ensure that in the formative years a child must inculcate right habits and develop a desire to continue learning.
Wishing the editorial team and my readers happiness, health and good luck.

Dr. Mrs. Prabha Saxena


School Magzine (Zenith -2017)